Advanced Modality Facials

Why not supercharge your skin care by adding one of these advanced modality facials such as Omnilux LED Light Therapy, Mesotheapy, Radio Frequency (RF) or IPL Collagen Rejuvenation.

Omnilux LED Light Therapy

This space-age treatment harnesses specific wavelengths of LED light to calm breakouts and inflammation, rebuild skin, enhance detoxification processes and reduce sensitivity. It’s the best! 

Omnilux Facial      

Includes meditation, incredible de-stress massage and sound bowl healing.

30min | 119

Omnilux Unlimited    

Enjoy 2-3 Omnilux treatments per week for one month to really ramp up and maximise your results. Excludes massage. A saving of up to $978.

1 Month | 499



This high end technology utilises sound waves to increase cell permeability and enhance penetration of topical active ingredients by up to 1000x!!! A revolutionary ‘must have’ treatment that delivers so much more – it enhances muscle tone, increases blood, lymph and oxygen circulation, improves hydration, increases skin metabolism, and provides amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing assistance. 

Mesotherapy Facial      

Includes cleanse, tone, custom serum application, mesotherapy infusion and moisturise.

30min | 135

Mesotherapy Unlimited    

Enjoy 2-3 Mesotherapy Facials per week for one month to really ramp up and maximise your results. Saving of up to  $770.

1 Month | 850


Radio Frequency (RF)

Treat wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of ageing, using electrical impulses and thermal energy to create noticeable firming and tightening in the deeper layer of your skin. RF benefits are most noticeable when sessions are performed once a week for 4-6 weeks. Especially powerful when a full combination of RF, Mesotherapy, Omnilux, IPL and CIT Needling are utilised for the most complete skin restructuring, tightening, toning and rebuilding benefits. A natural face lift for those looking to avoid injectables, and also as adjunctive therapy for those who wish to support their injectables. 

RF Tightening Facial    

We harness the power of enzyme exfoliation to soften and smooth, then deeply stimulating and tightening RF waves tighten and tone, and our signature massage to de-stress. Dramatically improves a lacklustre complexion and gives a very visible boost! 

70min | 195


IPL Collagen Rejuvenation

For overall skin tightening and smoothing, great for an ageing skin losing elasticity. Especially excellent when combined in a program with our Clinical Skin Needling, Omnilux LED Light Therapy, Radio Frequency and Mesotherapy! 

Collagen Rejuvenation Facial        

More than just a facial and almost everybody can see a drastic improvement in the texture and colour of their skin even after just one treatment. Enzymatic exfoliation, collagen inducing IPL for full face and neck, remineralising Alga Mask plus our signature massage. Truly incredible!

90min | 285


Please note: All prices and treatments are subject to change without notice.

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