Bespoke Facials

Our Bespoke Facials use Dermaviduals skin care tailored specifically to guide your skin into balance and our hands literally dance all over your face - lifting, contouring and smoothing. We can treat ageing, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, breakout, blemishes, redness, dermatitis, psoriasis, sensitive, oily and dry skins. We use techniques, ingredients, technology, healing methodologies and spiritual systems that stimulate your skin, mind and body's own natural healthy behaviours, leading to a truly magnificent transformation. 

We are honoured to draw on the power of meditation, breath work, crystals, sound bowls, acupressure and reiki to assist your journey.

High Vibe Bespoke Facials

Are an amazing facial experience, re-calibrating you through every level. Of course we utilise the very best skincare, Dermaviduals, to treat every aspect of your skin, plus we harmoniously blend through healing modalities such as sound, breath, crystals, reiki and meditation to gift you a unique transformative experience.

High Vibe Luxury Bespoke Facial

We create a truly amazing anti-ageing, anti-redness, anti-sensitivity, anti-blemish and/or super hydrating facial to transform any type of skin. We will choose exactly what your skin needs - enzymes, diatomaceous earth, active serums, intensive infusion, or perhaps cocoon your face in the detoxifying and nourishing power of a customised advanced mask. We use ancient cleansing and clearing herbs, guided meditation, breath work, sound bowls and reiki to uplift you to a whole new level. We also massage away all your cares with our deeply relaxing signature face, shoulder, hand and scalp massages. Dreamy!! 

80min | 205

High Vibe Standard Bespoke Facial    

The perfect maintenance or introductory facial utilising the Dermaviduals Essentials range, your therapist has the flexibility to select from over 40 different active skin serums. Add in our incredible signature massage to really get your glow going on! Includes cleansing, exfoliation with steam, our signature massage and cream mask.    

60min | 145

High Vibe Mini Bespoke Facial       

Swiftly address all skin concerns with this well rounded treatment that encompasses cleansing, mini exfoliation with steam, mini massage and mask.

30min | 79

Add Ons

We offer many different ‘add ons’ to our awesome facial treatments. We can add in extractions, high frequency, masks and various technologies to further extend your experience. We may make suitable suggestions during your appointment as needed.


High Frequency 

Advanced Mask  



Omnilux LED

Radio Frequency 

Facial Massage

Meridian Pressure Point Pill Mask

10min | 15

10min | 15

20min | 39

10min | 15

20min | 69

20min | 69

20min | 69

10min | 15

20min | 49 

Please note: All prices and treatments are subject to change without notice.

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