Clinical Skin Needling

Also known as Collagen induction Therapy (C.I.T), this is one of our favourite modalities for treating a range of skin types and conditions  (ageing, scarring, pores, pigmentation and more). Clinical Skin Needling is the only rejuvenation treatment that maximises penetration of essential cell nutrients and encourages the greatest release of growth factors associated with full skin rebuilding.  EVERYONE LOVES IT! Pre-prep and post CIT maintenance will be required for you to receive the very best long term outcome, including both home and in salon care.

EXCEED Collagen Induction Therapy

with Omnilux LED Light Therapy    

Swiftly address all skin concerns with this well rounded treatment that encompasses cleansing, mini exfoliation with steam, mini massage and mask.

60min | 499

Intensive CIT Course

(3x CIT with Omnilux Treatments)       

For 5 star skin! Commit to 3 “Collagen Induction Therapy with Omnilux” over 9 days, and SAVE $300! With pre & post treatment protocols designed by your therapist to suit your skin exactly your skin will be rejuvenated, plump and renewed. 

Total 1080

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