Our Leader, Pia Kynoch

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy)

Experienced Skin Therapist (for over 25 years)

Yoga Teacher

Qi Gong Teacher

Reiki Practicioner

Recently published in:

Aesthetics Practitioners Journal Autumn 2019

Spa Beauty Magazine NZ

Dermascope Magazine

Pia is an incredibly passionate holistic skin and energy award winning therapist with over 20+ years experience in the skin, beauty and wellness industries. Pia has shaped Verve into one of Melbourne's premier holistic skin clinics.


Her love for evolving and expanding her (and her team’s!) ability to serve has seen her learn from almost every master educator in the beauty and skin industry, as well attending countless seminars and workshops on all topics of health. Pia, also a published author, has completed certification in business leadership, NLP, Reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga, Mindfulness and more, and has just completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences - Naturopathy degree.


Naturopathic medicine is a science-based tradition that promotes wellness by providing holistic (or whole body) care. Pia and her team spend time identifying the incredibly individual physiological, psychological, and structural balance aspects of each patient and then employing  ancient and modern treatment methods from various systems of healthcare and non-toxic natural therapies to restore balance.

Naturopathic medicine, and the entire Verve approach, looks at treating the underlying causes of disease, disorders or illness, rather than just the symptoms!


Pia truly believes that every man and woman, at any age, likes to feel confident and radiant in their skin, mind and body. When people are feeling great in their skin they can connect with the world and others more, they want to live their life fully expressed, they feel happy and in purpose!


A word from Pia


My heart-centered core values shape Verve, and my team - our mission is to help everyone THRIVE, not just survive, and to shine with a special soul glow from skin to within.

We are invested in both the scientific and spiritual/energetic application of natural healing - we spend time with you listening, addressing your unique physical, lifestyle, environmental, and emotional factors and/or barriers that may be preventing you from achieving vibrant internal and external health.

We educate, inform, inspire and empower change because we focus on you.

There is no cookie-cutter approach here!

We are here to serve, to assist other amazing people who are on a path to regain a new perspective on skin, life, health and wellness

If you appreciate and are committed to health, wellness, high vibration energy, great results, excellent education and exceptional above and beyond service then you have come to the right place.

I, and my team, look forward to welcoming you

With love,


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